The Impossible Photo Shoot

Who in their right mind would want to be a child photographer?

This was the question I was asking myself so many times today. Between the grumpiness, trying to put everything within reach in her mouth and squinting in the light, getting photographs for my friends limited edition dribble bibs seemed like an impossible task.

I had a plan, one I thought was well conceived, little did I know when a teething, leap 4 baby is involved plans don’t work. My plan A was when she woke this morning after her 5am feed, I would get her dressed, into her sit me up and put each bib on in turn as she’s her happiest then.

20160901_210915She did start off happy for 5 minutes, got first bib on and quickly realised she was a bit small to do that approach as her body didn’t come high enough.

So to plan B. Sitting her in the nursing chair with feeding pillow supporting her. Seemed like a good way and she’s upright, though as soon as I got her into position, she used her legs and bum to slip down. OK that isn’t going to work.

Right, so laying in the cot then, she can’t be squirming down. That was indeed true but then she got grumpy. So turned her cot mobile on, wiggled toys and got her brother to come talk to her. This is normally a sure way of getting her to smile. No, nothing was working, we did get a few photos, mostly of her being a grump.


Adding to all this J being the little poser he is, kept wanting to get in the shots as well. So I gave up, had playtime and then fed her to sleep for her morning nap. I had hoped to try again in the afternoon but she’s been so grumpy all afternoon.

So no modelling for you R ! Luckily my friend had already taken some photos of other ones in the range modeled by her gorgeous twin boys up on her Facebook page

So I can honestly say I really feel for those photographers that work with children and it’s now going to cost me money cause I want at least 2 of them bibs!

If you have a dribble baby, go take a look on her Facebook page at the amazing designs of the limited edition bibs she’s got for sale, with the added benefit that only a handful of that design (in some cases just 1) have been made.

Sa-Be Baby Wear Dribble Bibs Facebook page


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