About Me


I’m Faith, a working mum, crafter and a bit of a geek.

Located in the Northwest of England with my husband Dave and our two children J and Ro.

I first began my blog to document my pregnancy after multiple miscarriages and J’s premature entrance into the world. I would sit each day by the incubatorĀ  documenting my thoughts in a diary of letters to J. I felt that my thoughts and feelings may help others going through pregnancy after loss or parents going through the whirlwind of the premature journey. I decided to create a blog to share what I was going through.

My blog is a place for me to share our experiences as a family, what we love to do and give a honest and unquie view into our lives. Giving an honest view on what we think of toys, gadgets and Days out

I am a self confessed geek and love challenging myself writing code and creating applications. I have even written apps to aid my children’s development. My geekiness continues into gadgets and I love a good household gadget whether that is a phone, kitchen appliance or my sewing machine.

I have a passion for crafts, crocheting and sewing, and share some of my patterns here.

Please do contact me atĀ Raisingmoonbows@gmail.com if you would like to work together on sponsored posts or reviews. I am happy to collaborate on projects that fit naturally within my blog and with my readers.