Is it Because of Prematurity? A Question I Ask Myself Often

Bringing home J after months in the hospital, I had a vague idea to what the day-to-day life would be like to start with, given a summary of things, signs to look out for and follow appointments scheduled. Attending development reviews and consultant appointments, going through the motions and watching development like a hawk until we finally got the news he was discharged.  Though I found out a part of being a premmie mum is, the watching and worrying about development doesn’t end there. Continue reading “Is it Because of Prematurity? A Question I Ask Myself Often”

A day etched in my mind forever

A Day Etched in my Mind Forever

16th of June is a day etched in my mind forever.  It was the day I would never have to walk out of the doors of SCBU and leave my son behind again. No more phone calls  at all hours of the night to check how he was doing, no longer having to holding my breath as I walked through the doors to the nursery room or sitting hearing the monitors beep. The day had come that we could finally be a family together, the day we could bring him home. Continue reading “A Day Etched in my Mind Forever”

Corrected Age – 3 Tips from a Mum of a Prem

When I brought J home, once everything settled down and a new routine settled in, we just got on doing life. Being a first time mum, I didn’t question what health professionals said or when they arranged appointments to assess him. I didn’t imagine when I brought him home, corrected age would be something that centred around many stresses, fears and sleepless nights. Continue reading “Corrected Age – 3 Tips from a Mum of a Prem”