Rebooting my weight loss journey - FI

Rebooting My Weight Loss Journey

Last year I started on a healthy eating and weight Loss journey and did pretty well, losing just over 2.5 stone. I didn’t want something that was just a fad diet but one that would change the way I viewed food. Joining Slimming World did just that, although earlier this year I lost my way and gained most of the weight back through no meal planning and stress comfort eating. Now it’s time I get back on track. My motivation is the same, with an additional factor, my stepson is getting married in November.

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Healthy and Easy Thick Minestrone Recipe - FI

Healthy and Easy Thick Minestrone Recipe

One of my downfalls when trying to lose weight is finding something quick, easy and healthy at the end of a long day. The slow cooker has become my best friend over the winter, as well as frozen veg. You can chuck all ingredients in and cook while spending time with the kids or while you’re at work.  With 15 minutes prep time here is my Healthy Easy Thick Minestrone Recipe.

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3 Quick Snack Ideas – When Only Chocolate Will Do #WeightWINSday

Sleep deprivation doesn’t go hand in hand with healthy eating. Your exhausted and want something sweet and comforting. There is times all you want to do is grab something quick and chocolately.  Last weekend I got very little sleep due to a poorly little Ro. I wanted something sweet but didn’t have the energy or much prep time. So for this weeks #WeightWINSday, here is 3 quick snack ideas when only chocolate will do. Continue reading “3 Quick Snack Ideas – When Only Chocolate Will Do #WeightWINSday”

5 Reasons Why That Occasional Treat is OK – #weightWINSday

When on any weight loss journey or healthy eating change, it’s about keeping that change in mindset when life happens. I had a few meals that were not to plan, it was Dave’s birthday so we ended up having Chinese takeaway and birthday cake. So this #weightWINSday is 5 reasons why that occasional treat is OK

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Introducing #WeightWINSday FI

Introducing #WeightWINSday

Celebrating the Wins and sharing the Woes of Weightloss with #WeightWINSday

I am really excited to be working with Kayleigh from Candyfloss and Dreams  on our new regular feature. We’re both losing weight with Slimming World and we wanted to share our ups and downs on a weekly basis with our readers. You can expect help with meal plans, shopping lists, craving tips and most importantly a full Slimmers guide to Christmas. Continue reading “Introducing #WeightWINSday”