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Making a keepsake from babygrows

I held onto some babygrows and outfits that held special memories from the first few months of the kids lives. I had planned out what I wanted to make out of them, and it took a while for me to get the courage to cut into them, because of the memories they held . Finally I sat down and started making a keepsake from their old clothes.

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Easy Card Holder Sewing Pattern

Easy Card Holder Sewing Pattern

With most sewing projects, you end up with some left over fabric, and finding something useful to make with these scraps can sometimes take a bit of imagination. I wanted something to be able to hold a couple of cards but was small enough to attach to my keys or slip into a pocket so I didn’t have to take my purse or bag around with me.  Here is my easy card holder sewing pattern. 

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how to make a quick and easy pouch liner for a phone or tablet

How to Make a Quick and Easy Pouch Liner For a Phone or Tablet


I haven’t been posting much on my crafts recently, as the time that I have been making anything has been quite late at night, so photos just haven’t been much of an option. I have been making myself a crochet bag and pouches for both my 2 in 1 laptop and tablet.  Once I had finished crocheting them, to both add some added structure and protection I decided to make a liner out of fabric. Continue reading “How to Make a Quick and Easy Pouch Liner For a Phone or Tablet”

How to Make Easy Jumping Clay Tree Decorations. FI

How to Make Easy Jumping Clay Tree Decorations.

Our tree is up and it’s time to crack on with the Christmas decorations. This morning we made some tree decorations out of Jumping Clay. With a 20 month old, the tree is an attractive *toy* so I wanted some decorations that wouldn’t be damaged if she pulled them off and played with them. So with some Jumping Clay, phone charm attachments and cookie cutters the kids and I made some tree decorations. Here is how you could make them too.

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Fabric and Sewing: DIY Project for Business Cards

Fabric and Sewing: DIY Project for Business Cards.

With my business cards designed and ordered ready for BlogOn, I was in need of something to put them in. My solution was to try and make a holder myself. Fabric and sewing: DIY project for business cards.

This weekend, I am off to my first ever blogging conference BlogOn. Yay! A month or so ago, I made a to-do list. Between sourcing a suitcase and getting a Christmas jumper I needed to order business cards. Although I still haven’t got that jumper yet. Continue reading “Fabric and Sewing: DIY Project for Business Cards.”

Making a Butterfly Doll

Sewing basket, Yarn and Clothes – Making a Butterfly Doll

A little over a month ago, I set myself a challenge. I wanted to make the butterfly doll I had crocheted, from fabric. So with a bag full of Ro’s old clothes, my stash of yarn and some bits and pieces in my sewing basket, I set to work. Here is how I went about making a butterfly doll Continue reading “Sewing basket, Yarn and Clothes – Making a Butterfly Doll”

Mix and Matching - Creating a workspace

Mix and Matching – Creating a Workspace

Finding a desk that is affordable, fits in with your home and has the storage you need, can feel like an impossible task. so why not try a bit of  mix and matching to create a good workspace

Wanting to make a space for my sewing, arts and crafts and a space to teach J to sew, I started on my search to find something that would be perfect. Up until now I had a mix match of furniture, using an old treadle sewing desk, makeshift table on an old set of drawers and a little bench. It was a bit claustrophobic and no storage for my ever growing stash of supplies. Continue reading “Mix and Matching – Creating a Workspace”

Beginner’s Sewing Basket – A guide to get you started

Recently a couple of friends that have wanted to take up sewing, have been looking for advice on what they need to start. From what machine they should get to what items they need to start. This then inspired this guide – Beginner’s Sewing Basket – a guide to get you started.


Here is a basic supplies guide to get you creating

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