Making a Family Outing More Exciting.

We all have those places, we have visited for what seems like the hundredth time. Its close, convenient and the kids enjoy it. Although the shine is starting to come off the visits, its good to get them of the house and do something as a family.

Through the many night feeds I’m doing at the moment (damn this 4 month sleep regression) I came up with an idea to make a trip out more fun.

Let them become a photographer.

I can remember when I was young, getting one of them  disposable cameras and taking it on trips out, it was exciting and I could take the shots I wanted and could view them later. Although when I did it, I had to wait days for processing and hope you had at least a few photos without a finger in the way.  I know showing my age a bit here

I tried this  with with J, although with a digital camera with no days wait. I didn’t know if it would work but thought, its coming to the end of the holidays, lets get out one last time before normality resumes next week.

He had a Vtech kidizoom action cam that has only been used once or twice since he got it for his birthday, so we decided to bring his camera on a  trip to Tropical World. ( one of our regular places to visit)  Taking photos and then come back home, put them on the laptop and tell Marv – his best friend teddy robot and can be seen in our logo, the little grey robot peeking from the laptop –  all about it .

100_0146The excitement of going, taking the photos and then the playback at home really made the regular outing location, a real special thing. As soon as we got there, he started taking pictures, even the bench outside was a good thing to photograph.


He went around taking photos of everything,  from the entrance to the snacks at the end.  Some worked, some didn’t, but he was so excited about going into each area and taking photos Marv would like to see.


He was also excited he got to photograph Nemo, his dad and Dory


After our visit ended, instead of the fun  finishing as we got in the car, there was more excitement of having a look at the photos on the laptop. As soon as we walked in the door at home, he was jumping up and down for me to get the laptop out. I got it out and while I fed R before I could plug his camera in, he arranged his angry birds and the pigs on the laptop to view his trip.


He spent a good while looking at the photos, and telling them all about his trip. We are also going to sit down and he is going to write a little story of his trip in the near future.  He then asked if next time we go to the park could he can take his camera there .

The Kidizoom didn’t do to bad for photos, here is some of his trip photos.



Do you have a way that makes days out that bit more exciting?  Please let me know by leaving a comment.



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