Making a Family Outing More Exciting.

We all have those places, we have visited for what seems like the hundredth time. Its close, convenient and the kids enjoy it. Although the shine is starting to come off the visits, its good to get them of the house and do something as a family.

Through the many night feeds I’m doing at the moment (damn this 4 month sleep regression) I came up with an idea to make a trip out more fun. Continue reading “Making a Family Outing More Exciting.”

Whats all this babywearing about?

After J was born, a couple of the mums I had made friends with on bounty were babywearing and saying how good it was. Then there was me, I had already brought a baby carrier and sling , hubby used the baby carrier a handful of times and I used the sling once or twice, but wouldn’t have really called it babywearing.  They mostly lived in their box and bag on a shelf.  I sold them a few years later being hardly used. Continue reading “Whats all this babywearing about?”