Your First Christmas

So your now tucked up in bed though don’t know how long  before you wake up again but today has been your 1st Christmas.

It has been a magical day with even your other big brother coming to share the morning with you and J, but I’m sure it felt all a bit out of routine and strange, though those smiles kept coming.  You will learn as you grow that wrapping paper isn’t for eating and you have to wait until gifts are out of their boxes to play with, although I think the empty boxes and gift bags will still be a source of fun.

This time last year not many people knew you were growing nicely in my belly, I was a bit worried to let people know, anxious that you might come way to early and not make it, but here you are.

There are lots of things you will learn as you grow about this time of year, you will look forward to that old grey bearded man you have sat on the knee of coming to visit when your asleep. He is also a Mummy bribery tool too.  This time of year will be magical and full  of family fun, as family is so important and maybe, just maybe we may get to go and meet all your family one Christmas and I can show you and your brother the type of Christmas I used to have.

I am looking forward to seeing the excitement, wonder and joy as you grow and come to realise the magic that is Christmas.

Happy 1st Christmas Ro

Love Mummy


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