Retiring Marv, the Very Loved Robot

What do you do when your child’s toy, that is he’s comfort, his friend who he cuddles and tells his stories to, comes to the point he has been overloved? This is what I am contemplating today.

When J was a baby, one place I used to frequent was the Mamas and Papas factory shop since its so close to me and now with Ro now I have an excuse to frequent once again. One of these trips Mr came along which he didn’t often, he is as bad as a child shopping, although it doesn’t result in a tantrum but where my basket ends up with things magically appearing in it. Marv the robot was one of them things, and instead of putting the robot teddy back I decided I would buy it.

Marv as new

As J got older, Marv became his best friend teddy. He would play with him, wouldn’t sleep without him and had to have him with him all the time. He has been on  family days out, camping holidays and even on shopping trips.  He got his name because on the back of his head he had Marv written on it. Then came that  time  when J was really poorly he was sick all over him and instructions said wipe clean only!  There was no way wiping him, would clean him so I panicked and knew he wouldn’t sleep without him, so off I went on a  frantic search at the factory shop only to be told they had discontinued it. So into the washing machine he had to go, with me pacing up and down to make sure he came out ok, while on eBay searching for one just incase.

I found one that I swiftly brought, although Marv did survive his first ‘bath’ unscaved, I thought I would be able to interchange them when needed. This did not go to plan as although to me they looked and sounded identical, to him they were different, so they became Marv 1 and Marv 2.  If you picked one up and it rattled in a different room to J he could tell which one you had picked up.

Marv today.

Over the years Marv 1 has lost his antenna, had many life saving operations from being very loved, a new face, arms reattached, replaced back of head multiple times, and new sides but now after 5 years of J love it has come a time I have to admit defeat. I don’t think I can’t repair him any more, so now I’m feeling clueless to what to do. He has many cuddly teddies, and does still have Marv 2 ( which is also very loved) but Marv 1 is his comfort, his little buddy but it’s time for him to retire before he completely falls apart.

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