5 Days of half term – that didn’t go to plan.

I have just had a stretch of 5 days off work as it’s half term. Leading up to the time off I had a few things I wanted to do while off work. Did I get any of these done? No, I have been walking around fueled on caffeine and very little sleep and achieved very little.

I had planned to take the kids out for a special day trip somewhere, get both kids rooms reorganised, work a bit on my blog, go to Ikea and have a play with my brand new sewing machine. The reality was completely different.

We didn’t get the day out, although we did do a couple of trips to softplay, where I was able to drink even more caffeine to make me feel slightly more human, while J ran around and Ro had her first experience of a ball pool.

The  plan of organising the kids rooms was mostly a write off. I did get part of Ro’s room reorganised, and J’s clothes that no longer fit into a bag ready for charity, but that was it.

Ro’s Room

I didn’t get the work I wanted done on the blog at all, by the time I got a few minutes spare, my brain was just spouting gibberish. So I canned that idea completely. The Ikea trip just didn’t happen, need to try to get there very soon as Ro needs a wardrobe and we need new dinning chairs before we end up sitting on the floor. , The curtains I needed to make didn’t happen either, as my sewing machine sat there completely untouched.

I don’t know if it’s a leap, sleep regression – although I didn’t think she could regress any more as shes normally up  2 or 3 times a night already, teething or a combination of it all but she just didn’t want to sleep, day or night.  I deployed the Daddy at times because I just needed to close my eyes for a few, but at the same time we had J at home so one of us had to be awake enough and not a grumpy tired mess for him.

Although thanks to the sleepless nights, I did get Petal the Butterfly finished, including rattler head- silver linings and all that

I keep telling myself it’s just a phase and will get better, she will sleep soon, please sleep soon Ro !

One thought on “5 Days of half term – that didn’t go to plan.

  1. Ahhh yes, please sleep soon Ro. And Emmeline! It’s exhausting when they don’t sleep properly, isn’t it?! My half term plans were similar, mostly to get organised and do lots around the house. I did nothing at all! A x

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