My Crochet Hooks Are Out and Sewing Machine Primed

My Crochet Hooks Are Out and Sewing Machine Primed

I love Autumn, it is my favourite season.  Although I am not fond of the cold weather or the long nights, it does means I can make some things to keep us warm. My crochet hooks are out and sewing machine primed, getting ready for winter.

Last weekend I felt unwell, the normal bugs that go around when the weather turns. Spending a fair bit of it sat in bed with a cuppa, I got my crochet hooks out. I started making things on my to-do list. I made Ro a beanie and J a slouchie and arm warmers.

My Crochet Hooks Are Out and Sewing Machine Primed - Ro's Hat My Crochet Hooks Are Out and Sewing Machine Primed - J

Once I get my hat and wrist warmers made (or maybe in between) i’m starting on some new ideas dreamt up over the summer months. I didn’t have time to try out at the time because time got away from me. As the festive time coming up, its time to get making. I have some ideas for some things like my tubs and little mates.  Then there is some festive items, gifts and household things too. I can’t wait to start making these and sharing these and how tos with you all. If they turn out the way I am hoping I may even run a give away or two.

So each week I feature items made, hints and tips, craft items with the kids and stitches guide (both sewing and crochet).  My patterns section will be growing and will be including some festive craft ideas for you to make.

I am even going to try to record some tutorials to put on YouTube. (If I can get my camera to behave.)

With the colder weather and more indoor time, I can’t wait to get making and sharing.

If there is something in particular you would like to see how to make. Please let me know in the comments below.

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