Making Moonbow Mates

Moonbow Mates Feature

With Ro’s birthday fast approaching, I had brought her a few presents, including a Grimms rainbow and house as I love the wooden toys.  I then started to think of an addition I could make for the tubs, which would work also with the birthday presents.

Having both J and Ro’s birthdays 8 days apart, I had to turn to crafts for some of the presents. I came up with the idea of making some little crochet people, and although they wouldn’t exactly match the colours of the Grimms, it would match the tubs and I thought would also work with the rainbows.

So I had a bit of a play with the yarn I already had.  I tried a couple of times but the dimensions were just not right, where they either were to big or wouldn’t stand up, so they ended up in my scraps pile, then I finally had something that resembled what I wanted the finished person to look like

Moonbow Mates prototype

So with her birthday only a week away, I set my task to make her a set of the tubs and a set of these mates for her to have on her birthday and almost succeeded, I got the little mates made but didn’t quite get the last tub made (oppss), but at least I got the mates all made for her.

Moonbow Mates in tubs                                        Moonbow Mates together

I made a little crochet holder for them and set them down with her other presents. – just to add,  I did get the last tub made the next day.

Moonbow Mates presents

They have worked well with the rainbow and the houses and has been a hit with both Ro and J. Once I got the pattern worked out and jotted down, they didn’t take long to make and would be suitable for a beginner to try I think.

Moonbow Mates with house

The pattern for these can be found here: Moonbow Mates Pattern





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