Making Little Tubs of Learning

I’m always looking for something a little different to crochet or sew for my kids, so when a friend and I were chatting about toys for our girls upcoming 1st birthdays, an idea was formed. Some different size tubs with something colour matching to put inside. 

I already had some 100% cotton yarn  in rainbow colours with no purpose, left over from another project, so I decided to try out what was in my head and make a set of these tubs.

Making this set was quite simple, starting with the smallest tub, and growing in size for each colour. I found the hardest thing around this was deciding on what was best to make to go inside the tubs.


Tubs taking shape


Thinking of the end result, I decided to make little coins/tokens to put in these tubs as a little matching game.  These were filled with a little bit of stuffing to make it easier for little fingers to be about to pick up.

Token size, next to a penny

Finally finishing the tubs and tokens, I was happy with the way they turned out.

I decided that I would make Ro another set and these would go to my friend, since she helped me come up with the idea initially . So I looked at best way to package these and made a little net bag to contain them all.

All Packaged up

I was really pleased with how these have come out, being that I haven’t been crocheting that long really, so sent these to my friend and waited with nervousness at how they would be received.

The following day she received them and then sent me pictures of her little girl playing with them, I did have a bit of a ‘ well done me’ moment when I received them.


While I was making these I wrote out a pattern, if you would like to make a set yourself please feel free to refer to the pattern here : Tubs and Tokens Pattern

If you do please share them with me on my facebook page as would love to see your makes

** Would you like to win a set of these ? Keep an eye out on the blog and facebook page as a giveaway is coming soon! **

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