Making Memories is My Motivation

making memories is my motivation - fi

2 weeks ago I joined Slimming World. Having struggled with my weight for sometime, but doing something about it kept moving down my to-do list. It was when I was putting together something for the kids that gave me the kick I needed. Making memories is my motivation.

We all have that moment, that trigger, where we decide we need to make a change. I used to smoke, using the excuse that I enjoyed it. I didn’t drink or go out much, so I would tell myself it was my vice. It wasn’t until it dawned on me that I had so little time of an evening with J after work and I was cutting that short nipping outside for a cig.

I will be the first to admit, I have little to no body confidence. Between the extra weight and medical issues, my body and I are not friends. The impact of this really hit me when I was organising my photos. I was looking to make the kids a memories video using photos of events, holidays and just fun at home.

There was very few of me at all!

It’s my own doing, I delete the photos Dave takes of me, hide behind the camera and rarely take one of myself. I hate seeing myself in photos and quickly hit the delete button. It dawned on me in that moment, that by doing this I was being unfair on J and Ro.

My mind then went to it’s normal over thinking mode. All I have of my dad is photographs, and if something happened to me, how would my kids remember me. Morbid thoughts I know, but something that really concerns me.

I really hate the term diet

I don’t see the the point of sticking to something that is not sustainable long term. What happens when you stop? You put it all back on! What I needed was something to help me change the way I view food.

The exercise element of weight loss is not straightforward for me, with limited mobility, this has to be carefully thought about. Unfortunately it can be very expensive for what I can do.

After speaking to a friend who was following Slimming World, I thought it was worth seeing if it would do what I want. First week in and I lost half a stone. It has made me re-think the way things are cooked and prepared. Although my cupboards being filled with the kids treats are a temptation!

I need to make this change, and I feel the main thing with any change is motivation. Motivation that came from doing something for the kids.

I want body confidence and I want my kids to have photos of them growing up that include their mum. Capturing memories we are making and not having to hit that delete button.


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