Did Babywearing Create a Rod for My Own Back

Did Babywearing Create a Rod for My Own Back

When you have a baby, people you know and complete strangers seem to like to impart their *wisdom* to you. Babywearing Ro was one that seemed to attract these comments for me.  So did babywearing create a rod for my own back?

Short answer No.

When I was pregnant with Ro, I wanted the option to carry her in a sling, so purchased a Sa-Be sling. I was curious if it would be as convenient and beneficial as I read. With a baby who suffered from silent reflux, and a very energetic 6 year old, I was definitely going to put these claims to the test.

Carrying her this way seem to invite people to impart their *wisdom* on the subject. Now 16 months on, I can update on the rod I made for my own back.

She will only ever want to sleep on you.

Really? Any parent knows a child will fall asleep anywhere, normally at the most inconvenient time, including mid-eating. Ro is no different. She sleeps less than J did at that age, but she is a different person and has found her pattern.

She will never want to be put down.

Yes, she likes a cuddle and be attached to my hip if she’s unsure or wants comfort, but no different to J. She is also becoming fiercely independent little girl. If anything she is more independent than J was at the same age.

She will be clingy and not go to anyone.

It is a good thing, this isn’t true!  I go to work and Dave is home with her all day. I have also been able to leave her with friends when out, to go to the loo or order food with no problems. She won’t go with anyone she doesn’t really know well but why should she. I don’t see this as something she should do.

She will never learn to self settle

This was said to me when she was only 10 weeks old. Now self settling is a developmental thing and not something they learn as a baby, but let’s not get into that debate. She definetly self settles herself now. I have watched in the monitor, her wake up, sit up then lay back down and start snoring.

She is too heavy now to carry like that.

I still carry her in a carrier now. Generally on my back in a Mei Tai, and the way the weight is distributed, it is so much easier than carrying her in my arms. You don’t notice her weight really if you have a good fitted carrier as they spread the weight. Even with mobility issues carrying her like this is so much easier for me. It does mean if I need a stick, I have a hands free for that too.

To all the people sharing their thoughts over the past year. I am quite happy with the rod I made for my own back, Thank you

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