Colourful and Sensory – 1st Birthday Gift Guide

1st Birthday Gift Guide

In less than a month Ro will be turning 1, where that time has gone? It feels like only yesterday I held her for the first time.  Although now I have had to turn my attention to what to get her for her birthday and I thought I would put together a 1st birthday gift guide.

This is a birthday guide with a twist, as there is so many wonderful toys out there to help your baby learn all about the world around them. There is also things you could make as presents for them.

Colourful and Sensory – Toys to buy

Grimms Rainbow

Grimms RainbowI first seen these at my friend’s place, and she was showing me all the things you can do with the wooden  rainbow, and I was surprised to what you could do with them. like balancing, stacking, using them to make farm animal pens, building  and making tunnels for running balls through.  ( plus I do love rainbows). You can get small to very large sets, and some in 6 colours or 12 colours. This is one that is definitely on my wish list for Ro – and maybe me too.

They sell out quite fast but can be brought from a few retailers such as Baba Me for £59.99* for the 12 piece rainbow

Little Tikes Activity Garden.

Little Tikes Activity Garden

I brought one of these for Ro just before Christmas in the big sales, and I have to say one its one of my best toy purchases, she loves playing with it. We use it inside mainly because it’s now winter, although we don’t really have a garden either that’s secure. From watching the balls go down and come out into the trays, shape sorting, playing the mini xylophone on the door to using the mini slide, it has provided her lots of fun (and her big brother too!)

These can be brought from many retailers such as Argos for £46.66*, however  these are durable so you could pick yourself up a bargain second-hand.

Le Toy Van Sensory Shapes

Sensory Shapes

This is another toy sat on my wish list for Ro’s birthday, these lovely wooden shapes have different sensory attributes, such as  jingly sounds,  fabric textures, kaleidoscope, very multi-sensory with the added shape recognition.  I love toys that let babies explore different senses and for me this ticks the boxes.

This can be brought for a range of retailers such as Jo Jo Maman Bebe for £30.00 *.

Wonderworld Wooden Rainbow Sound Blocks

Wooden Rainbow Blocks

This is another on my wish list right now, we have played with these at friend’s houses and also with the addition of a light box at Eureka. They even held J’s interest and are so colourful, they are wooden boxes, with coloured translucent panels, and can be stacked, shaken,  or put on a light box. A lovely sensory experience for them. They also come in a nice tidy wooden box to keep them in bonus!

This can be brought from a range of retailers and selling sites such as Amazon for £24.38 *

Colourful and Sensory – Things to Make

Rainbow Tubs and Tokens

Tubs and Tokens

Recently I provided a pattern to make these baskets and tubs, they can be multipurpose tubs, colour sorter, or could be used in conjunction with balls, and other shapes. Put them into a bag and you can take them anywhere to play with.

Activity Board

Activity Board

These activity boards are great for learning about different objects. With a few objects and a bit of DIY skills this can make a great gift. The one  pictured was made by Ballsy MamaDad.

Treasure Basket

Sensory Basket

If you haven’t yet started a treasure basket, this could be a brilliant time to start one. These baskets can stay with them as they get older, adding more items as they grow.  All you need to start one is a tub or basket and some different textured items, items you could include could be:

  • Wooden Spoon
  • Dryer ball
  • Pine Cone
  • Fluffy material
  • Metal spoon
  • Ribbon
  • Scarf
  • Wool

To read more on the treasure baskets and how they can be used to help development Netmums has a good overview

I think 1st birthdays are special, and although yes they won’t remember it, but we will, and that provides us a chance to buy or make some things to enrich our babies play. 🙂

* All prices were correct at time of writing this post









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