A box full of yarn, set of hooks and an explosion of creativity for Autumn

Just before I was due to be induced with R, SPD was rendering me even more immobile than I am normally, so to save my sanity I decided to try something new. Now I love to sew and to make things but thanks to the inspiration of a friend in the birth group on Facebook , I decided to try my hand at crocheting.

What my friend failed to tell me is just how addictive it is ! In the house I already had yarn (from my very basic knowledge how to knit a scarf) so all I would need is a hook. I was in luck, because across the road at poundstretchers they were selling a single 3mm hook for 49p, so I sent the fella across to fetch me one. Now I had everything to start.





Now I had everything to start, that is apart from actually knowing how to crochet. So I turned to the one place you go when you need to know how to do something YouTube. I started with the granny square and apart from a little issue with tention, I felt a bit more confident. I started looking for other things to make, I was coming down with the crochet bug.



Now I wanted needed more things, so off to the local indoor market I went to get some baby yarn, another hook and some yarn scissors.  I watched the youtube video of how to make a baby blanket for my new arrival and saved the instructions before packing all the stuff into my hosptial bag.

I expected my induction to take a couple of days so thought could do some of this blanket while I waited. (my body had other ideas) It was however a sanity saver since I had a weeks stay in hospital after she was born thanks to sugars and jaundice.



I have since gone on to make her headbands, hats, dresses, sandals and booties.


J asked for me to make him something, so made him David the Turtle, not sure why it is called david but now lives in a toilet roll house in his room.


Now my favourite season has just started, I have a box full of yarn, a set of hooks, little bits and bobs and a million projects in my mind I want to make. Luckily I have mastered the ability to breastfeed and crochet at the same time.





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