Why am I trying to be Normal?

You try to set a good example for your kids, an example that you want them to follow, but by doing what I thought I should do, have I done the opposite?  It dawned on me I was trying to be normal.

Being normal, how is this a bad example ?  What is normal ? might be the questions running through your mind.   When you live with a disability, and try to be like everyone else, ignoring your limitations to appear ‘normal’ on a day out, that you suffer with pain  and limited movement for a week after.

Watching the Paralympic Games has brought this to the forefront of my mind. Was that really necessary ?  What message am I sending my children?

I want my children to know no matter what you face, you can work with it, that having a physical or mental condition doesn’t detract from who you are. Though by pushing myself on a day out to appear like everyone else, maybe even a Supermum, has meant I actually failed. It had the knock on affect that at times for the past week the pain has been unbearable, it has caused my daily routine to be a lot harder than it needed to be and 10 times more painful.  I’ve shown J the opposite, than you need to appear like everyone else.

There are situations out there that put barriers in your way and people that want to knock you back, and I’ve learned over the years to make the best of the situations and find that silver lining. So why am I working against myself?  It’s all for the concept of Normal.

My concept of trying to be normal, pushing myself too hard and not listening to my body, has backfired and made the last week harder for my family and me.

So I have made myself a promise, no more stubborn thoughts that I need to be normal or fit in to be a good mum and person. What I need to show my children is that being the best you can be, is what being a great person is all about.

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