10 Things All About Me

It has been a bit of a mixed bag of spanners for the past week at home, half term mixed with illness and unpredictable happenings so I have been a bit quite. So this post is about those little known facts about me. Suzanne over at And Another 10 Things nominated me to share 10 facts not widely known, so here goes.

  1. I’m a bit of a geek, well maybe a bit more than just a bit, I love to write code, programming is a passion of mine, challenging myself to make more and more complex applications. Although my challenges I have set have changed somewhat being a mum, I have been writing apps to help my children’s development. This geek thing brings me onto my second point gadgets..
  2. Gadgets, I love gadgets for everything, phones, computers, tablets, household things, even my sewing machine is gadgety. Although now my ability to buy said gadgets are limited as my bank balance doesn’t like sharing between gadgets and kids stuff (some kids stuff can be gadgets though can’t it ?)
  3. I’m dyslexic, even more so with numbers, although I tint all my gadgets to help with this, my brain doesn’t always want to comply with reading things (including proof reading – sorry about that ! )
  4. I left school at 15, so never sat my VCE ( GCSE equivalent) and began working, things were a bit different for me back then, and was the youngest trainee a company had taken on, although I did study later to get some qualifications – nominally in programming and counseling ( I know a weird mix eh? ) and now to add to that I have a diploma in Business Analysis.
  5.  I have never been to any of the mainland european countries (although did visit Ireland briefly with work but I know that isn’t mainland europe) potentially from watching to many border programs on tv, and was worried if I left even though I had a visa and now indefinite leave to remain here, that they wouldn’t let me back in!
  6. Before moving to the UK, I lived quite close to the Great Barrier Reef, and went snorkeling a few times there, and even swam with turtles.
  7. I have never been  swimming in the UK sea, I’ve been to the beach a number of times, but just not wanting to go into freezing water, sea water in my mind should be  nice and warm, but then again I was spoilt where I used to live.
  8. I had never been on a rollercoaster until 2 years ago, and my ride on one was Oblivion at Alton Towers at Halloween, when we visited the scarefest for our anniversary.
  9. I used to have a trike, that looked like motorbike meets Renault 5, scrapheap challenge style and only sold it 2 years ago and was gutted to sell it. I did by a trailer tent with the money.

    Mr resting on my trike at NABD rally
  10. On my bucket list is to do a tour all around the UK, seeing each county and camping along the way (in the comfort of my Folding Camper – I’m to old and broken for ground sleeping now – haha. )
    My lovely Folding Camper


    So there you are, some facts about me, were you surprised ?  I’m nominating Chrissy from Outnumbered Coffee Addict and anyone else that would like to take part,  just remember to name check me and nominate some other people. 🙂

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