Yo-Yo of Uncertainty

I was hoping I wouldn’t need to do an update to a post I wrote a little while ago around having to reapply for my role due to a restructure, but here I am.

My mat leave ended on the 3rd of Oct due to finances, though have added some accrued holiday on the end so I’m currently still off work for a few more weeks. 2 weeks before my Mat leave ended I was told the outcome of the restructure and I had secured a role. I could finally breath a sigh of relief and start with some planning we had put on hold, simple things like hubby wanting to upgrade his phone, planing next years camping holidays and doing my post mat leave budgets – I know budgeting sounds so fun eh!

The biggest thing though after that call was I could finally breath and start to enjoy my maternity leave without that black cloud of uncertainty hanging over me stressing me out. Although only a few weeks left I could finally relax a bit coming up to October half term and the fun that is Halloween.

Now It has all been turned on its head !

I get a call from my new manager yesterday, which at first I missed due to doing that oh so fun thing, changing a smelly nappy. I listened to the voicemail left and tried to call him back with no success.  I finally got a returned call in the late afternoon to tell me there has been another restructure and I have to reapply for my role again, and the timing is just bloody great, the forms need to be done and returned by a date before my leave actually ends.

So it feels like I’m currently sitting on a yo-yo of job uncertainty under a big ass black cloud trying to make me loose my mind. Added to this I really¬† am trying to enjoy time with my baby girl who is growing up way to fast.


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