Why Judge ?

With all the hurdles, struggles and guilt we have to deal with as parents, instead of supporting each other, why do so many judge others? I just don’t get it!

I breastfeed, babywear and co-sleep because it works for me. I researched it all, read of pros and cons and I made an informed choice of the way I want to parent my children. . If someone formula feeds, baby sleeps in their own cot and they don’t carry their baby in a carrier, why should I critique the way they parent ? Yes they are doing things differently to me, but instead of judging I think we should be supporting each other.

Media, such as some papers and tv shows really fuel the judging culture, and they get away with discussing topics that they haven’t done full research on, don’t have an objective or balanced view on , all for the outcome of being the start of a storm so they get more readers/viewers/hits/publicity.  With the potential of giving misleading information and people being put off some really useful beneficial tools to help them manage as a parent, are those objectives really worth it ?  Shouldn’t we be showing the spread of options a parent has to help them instead of promoting judgemental behaviour ?

No matter what we do as parents, we question ourselves, are filled with parenting guilt and worry for our kids future. Isn’t it time we stopped judging how people are choosing to raise their kids, support each other and concentrate on things are really matter ?


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