5 Things I have learned living in the UK

To mark Australia Day, I thought I would share 5 things I have learned since living in the UK.

1) Thongs are not what they seem!

Walking into Sainsburys and saying out loud in the presence of my 10-year-old Stepson, ” Oh I really need to buy some thongs ” is a sure fire way to make a 10-year-old boy blush and hide away.  What I wanted was flip flops.


2)  Quotes from Neighbours and Home and Away

As soon as some people notice or are told I’m Australian, out comes the stereotypical soap phase –  No I don’t say flaming galah and haven’t ever heard someone ever say it outside of what is on the TV.


3) Learn the new names

There has been many times I have asked where to find things like glad wrap, a doona or texters and been met with a blank stare. What I should have asked for was cling film, duvet and felt tip pens. Even after 13 years I still sometimes say to J when I’m not thinking, go get the texters so you can draw.  Cling film in our house is still called glad wrap.


4) The same question constantly being asked

Are you mad, why would you want to live here ? Is a question I get quite often. No I’m not mad – well ok that might be debatable and I actually enjoy living in the UK , when I came over here if I didn’t like it, I did have a return ticket. I also wouldn’t have gone through all the hassle and money to be able to live here.


5) You will crave foods, you can’t buy here

There are certain foods, common place in Australia that you can’t buy here. You will crave for the foods that you just can’t have – especially when pregnant.  Luckily some supermarkets now stock my ‘essentials’  like Milo, Tim Tams and occasionally Cherry Ripes, but there has been times I have really craved things like Chicco Rolls, Steamed Dim Sims, Chicken Twisties and BBQ rings and so far I have had no luck getting them.

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