Sewing basket, Yarn and Clothes – Making a Butterfly Doll

Making a Butterfly Doll

A little over a month ago, I set myself a challenge. I wanted to make the butterfly doll I had crocheted, from fabric. So with a bag full of Ro’s old clothes, my stash of yarn and some bits and pieces in my sewing basket, I set to work. Here is how I went about making a butterfly doll

 making a butterfly doll - both


Making a Butterfly Doll ~ Creating the round head.

Working out how to create the round head that wouldn’t loose it’s shape with fabric, seemed to be a big challenge. Then I had a thought, using a pair of 0-6 month tights, to help keep that shape , using it’s tubular stretch to my advantage, I cut off one leg, removing the toe as well, then sewing one end together.

making a butterfly doll - head

When sewing together one end, I added two lengths of elasticated cord, for the antenna.  Turning the tube inside out, I had a closed end to start inserting the toy filling.  As Ro loves a rattle, I decided to include a bead rattle, using the toe of the tights I cut off, to create a little bag for the rattle. Attaching the rattle to the other end of the elasticated cord (inside), then started to fill the tube. Once the tube was well stuffed all the way down, then got a piece of yarn, and tied this approx 3 inches from the top, tightly forming a nice round head.




Making a Butterfly Doll ~ Creating the body and limbs

Once the head was nice and round, and making sure the remainder of the tube was full of stuffing, I hand sewed the open end shut. Using some more of the tights, I had to make the the legs and the arms.

For the arms; Using the other leg of the tights, I made two tubes 1/2 inch wide and 4 inches long, closing off one end of each.
Then making the legs; Using more of the the tights leg, creating two more tubes,  1 inch wide and 6 and 1/2 inches long, closing off one end on each.

Turning them inside out and stuffing. As the tights made the base for the butterfly, I had to turn my attention to the outer layer.

making a butterfly doll - body with legs


Making a Butterfly Doll ~ Outer layer.

Now with the body formed, I looked to what would be nice to cuddle. Settling with a long sleeve vest that was size 6-9 months size. Cutting along the neck line on one arm to cover the body and head, creating 4 darts for the neck and sliding this on. Using other parts of the vest, to create the 2 arms and 2 legs tubes, with the same measurements as above, closing off one end. Sliding the outer tubes on the arms and legs.

Making a small slit in each side of the body tube, and attaching the arms onto the body, attaching both arm layers to both body layers. Then move to attaching the legs and closing the bottom of the tube around the legs. Attaching to both layers gives a good attachment so limbs can handle being played with.

Once the body and limbs attached, I moved to sew up the top of the head to pull the outer layer tight.  Then created her face with embroidery thread. I did  also experiment with some ribbons to see how they looked as a choker.

making a butterfly doll - outer layer

Making a butterfly Doll ~ Clothes and Wings

Now the body was all together, and had a cute little face, I moved to making her little dress and hat. I made the decision to crochet the dress and hat, experimenting with a few different yarns before settling with one.  Once these were done, I attached these to the body and head.

Now for the wings. I drew a template in my graphics program, then printed this image as full A4 with fit to page not ticked. Then with some iron on interfacing attached to some light weight calico fabric,I cut out 2 wing shapes. ( Any structured fabric would do). Sewing these together so the wings had some stiffness to them. Searching through the clothes stash, I found a lovely heart romper of Ro’s. This seemed perfect for the outer wings, so cut 2 more wing shapes, putting one on each side of the wings. Attaching the wings together with a 1cm inwards double stitch, then hand stitched the wings edges to give a rippled effect.

To complete the wings,  I put a single strip 1 and a 1/2 inch wide down the middle of the wings. Attaching this to the side of the wings that was going to be against the body.   My thought on doing this was to give added strength where the wings attached to body. Then attached the wings down the center of her back.

Making a butterfly Doll ~ Finishing touches

Then to the finishing touches, Crocheting a little flower for the hat and cutting 4, 1 inch diameter felt circles and attaching 2 to each of the antenna cords to seal in ends. 2 little shoes crocheted and attached to the bottom of the legs, and finally choker to match the clothes trim and then she was complete !

making a butterfly doll - Finished


Ro loves her, and her rattle head.  Although it took a while to work out,  and some moments of frustration set in, I had such fun making her.

Just have to work out a name for her, any suggestions ? 

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