6 Essential Items for Your Camping Toolbox.

Most people have a toolbox in their home, or a random stuff draw, just in case of emergencies. When you go camping, having a toolbox of bits and pieces for emergency repairs makes sense. Here is 6 essential items for your camping toolbox.


1. Waterproof Tape

Having some waterproof tape, can help do emergency repairs should a rip or hole be found – normally after a puddle of water is noticed.  You can go with some tent/canvas repair tape, or simple duct tape.  Tent repair tape can be more expensive but fixes it on a more permanent basis. Duct tape is waterproof, and with a layer on both sides of the tent, it will do the job in an emergency.


2. Scissors

Scissors are an essential part of a camping toolbox, and not only for emergency repairs. You never know when you need a pair.


3. Cable Ties

Cable ties can be used for so many things, from hanging some lights, to fixing a broken tent clip. They are so adaptable and handy in all situations  ( shh don’t tell Dave I’ve put cable ties and duct tape together, he says cable ties and duct tape will fix anything ! ). Being able to pick up a pack from a pound shop is even handy on your wallet!


4. Rubber bands

Rubber bands are also a great repair tool, holding things together, or even as a replacement of the inner rubber loops in your tent.


5. Para Cord

This is good for replacing broken guide ropes, providing extra stability for wind breaks, or even pulling up stubborn tent pegs.  I have been known to use it to tie up sleeping bags  when the bag has broken to keep it small. Para cord can work out a lot cheaper than buying spare guide ropes.


6. Small first aid Kit

This is the most important of them all, having a first aid kit is definitely one of the most important of the 6 essential items for your camping toolbox.  I wouldn’t leave home without it.

Essential Items for Your Camping Toolbox

Having these items to hand, will give you piece of mind, should you find that puddle,  broken guide rope or inner rubber, you can do a quick repair and continue on with your camping holiday.

Happy Camping!


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