I’m taking this as a parenting win!

I’m beyond tired, R is thinking sleep is for wimps, J wants mummy to do lots with him and my insane idea of moving the kids bedrooms made me feel like I’m failing at this thing called parenting until… J says something that made me think, I’ve done something right!

I had just finished moving J into the bigger room in anticipation of getting R’s cotbed and was having a conversation with J about keeping his new room tidy. I decided to use good old bribery.

I told him if he kept his room tidy for a week I would put £1 in his new moneybox, his face lit up like I was making him a millionaire! oh to be 5 again.

He then said something that made me humble and realise I have instilled some good values to him as he then responded with …

Mummy I have a idea ok, I want to put the £1 in the box that gives money to help poorly people.

My hubby and I looked at each other then praised him for being so thoughtful.  We have decided that we are going to give him £2, one for charity and one for him.



And so far his room has been kept tidy and its been 3 days !



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