Has left in a safe place been redefined ?

So R is fast outgrowing her carry cot, I felt it was time to start shopping around for a cotbed, I found a great deal online so went ahead and ordered it and some of the soft furnishings .

cotSo with cotbed and associated bits and pieces ordered, I looked at the expected delivery date so to make sure we were around .

The date given for the bedding, muslin bumpers, ect.. was the 29th of July  so the pending couple of nights away at my sister in-laws  for her birthday seemed to fit.

So I was a bit surprised to get a text to advise me some of my items were on their way to me while I was away. I was quite pleased with the speed, and thought like previously if I hadn’t been home they would have either left it with my neighbour or left a card for re-delivery

I was surprised to receive a text parcel delivered left in a safe place. while I appreciate couriers get paid per delivery, so incentivised to successfully deliver the parcels, but this is not good when your not home and they leave it in a ‘safe place’ that isn’t so safe.

I sent a message to my neighbour to ask if they could see if they could find the parcels, as we were not going to be home till the following day and our houses are in clear view of anyone walking past or visiting shops.  They had actually seen them before I had even messaged.

Who would class a safe place as under a outdoor chair on clear view? Maybe the definition of ‘safe place’ has been redefined by courier delivery drivers, but I don’t class leaving quite expensive parcels or any parcel for that matter, somewhere that general public can walk past and see it, safe.

Courier drivers need to apply some common sense and appreciate these are people’s purchases, but largely the courier companies should look at what incentives they apply to employees and contractors and match that against consumer want. I’m not going to hold my breath though.

Let’s see how the cotbed and drawers come …..



One thought on “Has left in a safe place been redefined ?

  1. We once had lots of parcels (christening items) left in the recycling bin. We were away and the bin was emptied!!

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