CraftyParents Series – Sara Balls

CraftyParents Series Sara Balls

This is the second edition in the Craftyparents Series, which will be moving to a fortnightly series on Mondays.

Working on this series, its been lovely to get to see  where people get their inspiration and what has been made, from toilet rolls with eyes and hair to enhance a story being told to big makes like an activity board.

For this Monday’s installment, I got to interview Sara Balls from Ballsy Mama, from making collages to her husband making an awesome Activity board for their son Arthur.

What influenced you to start making things?

To be honest we are not naturally the most crafty artistic people, but my husband is very good at DIY and likes to build.  We wanted to make something for Arthur that was personal and enjoyable for him.  I love creating things to make and remember memories.

Did you make things before you have children?

The one thing I used to make was photo collages, I was known as always being the person with a camera (phone) on a night out.  I loved putting together the random photos that we collated and making collages of holidays/events etc

CraftyParents Series SB Collage1 CraftyParents Series SB Collage2

What have you made and how do you feel about it?

My husband made the Activity Board and we love it, it is one of the few toys that is out all the time.  It always makes me smile when I look at it, I remember Chris sat at the table making it and I remember Arthur’s face when he first saw it and started playing with it.

I am good at planning and the more detailed side of making things, I love doing cross stitch and am still trying to finish a Noah’s Ark that I started a while ago.  Unfortunately, it is not conducive to sleep deprived eyes.

I love my photo collages, they haven’t found a place in the new home yet but they will soon.  I love being able to look at them and remember some very fun times.

CraftyParents Series SB Activity Board

How this was made can be seen here.

Do you feel that you are creative?

It is certainly not a word that I would use to describe me!  I think I am a bit too practical but it is something I would like to try to build on.

Will you make more things in the future?

Definitely!  My mum is very skilled at making clothes, I am going to get a tutorial as I would love to start making things for Arthur, see him running around in items I have made him.
I have got A LOT of photos ready to be made into collages, at the moment it is just finding time to do things though

I want to thank Sara for letting me interview her for the series, and cant wait to see those outfits!

Next fortnight’s CraftyParents Series will be featuring Author and Blogger Emma Reed






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