Dear Me - To my 2009 Self

Dear Me – Letter To My 2009 Self

Stepping into the decade that we are just about to leave, I could never have imagined I would be where I am now. In 2009 I was in a very different place and somewhat a different person. Looking back and penning this letter to my 2009 self has made me realise, you really don’t know what the next day is going to bring, so don’t lose all hope.

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SO Magic DIY Terrarium Review - Feature Image

SO Magic DIY Magic Terrarium Review

Disclaimer: We were sent this So Magic DIY Terrarium to review, but words and pictures are my own.

With a bit of sparkle, colour and the wonder of watching crystals form. The So Magic DIY Magic Terrarium brings both wonder and magic in a cute little terrarium. Just add water to create a colourful tree as tiny crystals form. We were sent the Cosmic set, there are other colour themes available.

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BlogOn – 5 Reasons Why it’s More Than A Blog Conference

Over the weekend I attended my 5th BlogOn Conference. This time being held at the Coppid Beech Hotel in Bracknell. The conference is really well run and has become well known for its fab sessions, great brand den and it’s epic goodybag. It is an event you can attend, learn new skills, be inspired and talk to other bloggers face to face.

Since the first time I attended back in 2017, I have looked forward to going to everyone since. Although this time it was 4 hours away, I wouldn’t have missed it, not only for the conference itself but BlogOn is more…

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Vaccinations – Are you really informed?

Today marks a huge leap forward for saving lives against malaria with the release of a vaccine. The Malaria vaccine isn’t something that is a gamechanger for us as our risks are low unless we go traveling. For parents in Africa, it will be a different story. We have established vaccination routines to protect from what once were very common and damaging diseases. The takeup of these vaccinations has fallen in recent years.

The diseases we routinely vaccinate against aren’t seen in the same serious light as generations before because the cases have reduced significantly. This along with the vast amount of information online around vaccinations, parents are choosing not to vaccinate.

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