SO Magic DIY Magic Terrarium Review

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Disclaimer: We were sent this So Magic DIY Terrarium to review, but words and pictures are my own.

With a bit of sparkle, colour and the wonder of watching crystals form. The So Magic DIY Magic Terrarium brings both wonder and magic in a cute little terrarium. Just add water to create a colourful tree as tiny crystals form. We were sent the Cosmic set, there are other colour themes available.

So Magic DIY Magic Terrarium- Box content
What’s in the box
  • Terrarium
  • 2 cute little creatures
  • Powder to create the tree
  • Tree base
  • Some glittery plastic stones
  • Pink and Purple sand

Making the Tree Grow – SO Magic DIY Magic Terrarium

Starting the crystals growing was easy, once we worked out what was the water fill line. The instructions that are included are pictorial and are fairly clear to follow. Just add the water and mix in the powder, put the top tray back on then put the wicked tree in place. You can then decorate the base with the sand, stones and little creatures then leave for the tree to grow.

waiting for the tree to grow

With J loving science, he wanted to know how it grew the crystals and why the water and powder were put under the base. It sparked a great conversation on how wicking worked and further discussions on evaporation. The colours and the little cute creatures added with the magic of the growing tree was a hit with both the kids.

With the two different coloured sand, you can draw little lines and make patterns and if you want smooth it down and draw again. Once the tree has grown, which for us it took about 16 hours, place the terrarium lid on and it looks lovely in a room.

SO Magic DIY Magic Terrarium - completed

Watching the tree grow.

From the time we added the water and powder, there was excitement watching and waiting for the tree to grow. Then with the discussions about how it worked and the wonderment when the crystals started forming, it was both educational and magical.

The SO Magic DIY Terrarium can be purchased on Amazon for under £10 and other versions of the So Magic DIY kits are available through Amazon and Smyths Toy Store. There is also a So Magic DIY Wonder Magic Garden set for £19.99.

There are a number of different So DIY kits available, such as a Slime Factory, Bath Bombs and Magic Jars.

With Christmas fast approaching, this would make a great stocking filler!

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