BlogOn – 5 Reasons Why it’s More Than A Blog Conference

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Over the weekend I attended my 5th BlogOn Conference. This time being held at the Coppid Beech Hotel in Bracknell. The conference is really well run and has become well known for its fab sessions, great brand den and it’s epic goodybag. It is an event you can attend, learn new skills, be inspired and talk to other bloggers face to face.

Since the first time I attended back in 2017, I have looked forward to going to everyone since. Although this time it was 4 hours away, I wouldn’t have missed it, not only for the conference itself but BlogOn is more…

Blog On 5 Reasons  - Images of the day
BlogOn - 5 Reasons - Images of the day

1 – Meeting Friends old and new

No matter how nervous you feel arriving at the venue, within minutes those nerves are washed away by the friendliness of people. If you have arranged to meet up with some online friends or you’re attending on your own, you will leave the event having made new friends.

2 – Diversity coming together

When I was speaking to one of the brands, they made a comment about the diversity of the people they had met in the day. With so many different styles, passions and backgrounds coming together for the love of oversharing. It doesn’t even matter how successful or established you are, everyone is friendly and accepting.

3 – A real sense of community.

You only need to take a look at the BlogOn community fund that was set up, and the proceeds of the raffle go to, to see how much it supports the sense of community. In 2017 the charity was started with a purpose to support bloggers that have fallen on unfortunate circumstances. Not only this, but it goes further. The event’s most recent sponsor 34sp supports charities by providing charities Webhosting for free because, in their words, it is the right thing to do.

4 – A Weekend to be yourself

There are a lot of people who don’t quite get what a blogger does, or why they do it. At the school gate or a playdate, it can be easier to gloss over that you’re a blogger than having to explain it. At BlogOn everyone gets it and you can just be yourself and do what you do. No one is going to look at you strangely or make a comment for taking loads of selfie or pictures of your food. They get it and will be doing exactly the same.

5 – A time for you.

As my friend Kayleigh pointed out to me, its a time to escape the routine of life, visit a new place and take a break from the mundane. Be inspired and get hands on with toys and games. BlogOn conference creates bubble of happiness and laughter that is second to none.

Photo of Friends
Image by Fran – I had fallen asleep by this time opps!

Roll on the next BlogOn!

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