Day 1 – Is it time for bed yet ?

I’ve survived so far , is it time for bed yet ?

R woke for feeding at 4 this morning but with cheeky boob peeking smiles she was determined to stay awake and no amount of me pleading with her to close those eyes worked .

Fast forward to just after 5 am sitting there slowly winning the sleep battle when I hear


So I’m in a pickle,  R is slowly closing her eyes but J needs me and he never usually wakes up in the night.  I put R down and go to see J .. he was laid there still half asleep saying his leg hurts … I deducted that the cause of this was the robot onesie he was adamant that still fit him and was going to wear to bed was perhaps a slight bit to small. So I stripped him off, sent him to the loo and changed him into other pj’s. That’s him back in bed, now for little miss. I return, pick her up and continue the sleep battle with her.. I finally win 20 minutes later

By this time I am too awake to go back to sleep but exhausted at the same time, so coffee and lots of it was the order of the morning. Threw on some clothes and let the dog out while having a cuppa on the back steps in the fresh air.. my day had begun. I only had time to get the kids clothes out ready and feed the dog before the kids were both awake – there goes my hopes of shower

The next few hours go as it normally would and I get R down at around 10:30 for her morning nap. In my mind I as hoping for a quiet cuppa with J playing with his lego so I could recharge a little, but that seemed a far fetched fantasy when I hear..

Mummy we have to makes things with arts and crafts today.

Shit, I did promise him while Daddy was away we would do some arts and crafts. I worked out, this is probably the only time today we would have just us time, I removed the thought of a quite cuppa and got the arts and crafts box down. We preceded to make an angry birds house and nests. We get this done and think its time we had some lunch, so got lunch ready for J and grabbed the remainder of the pasta salad from last night in the fridge for me. I sit down take 2 mouthfuls when the monitor goes off. She’s awake

Now for the next couple of hours its cuddles, playtime, dancing and singing  with the olympics on in the background ( J’s request)- by this time my batteries are creeping into negative. I see little miss show signs of tiredness so I take her up for a feed and cuddles to sleep . Feed happened, cuddles happened but sleep , nope not happening. I finally give up and as soon as i walk in the front room I get – Sorry mummy, sorry I put a coin in the vacuum . At least he told me and it was the pet attachment so could split it and get it out

R is getting tetchy but J is also hungry for dinner,Where has the time gone and now what do I do ? Normally i’ll watch the kids while Daddy makes dinner as he loves to cook but now I have a baby that needs putting to sleep and a boy who needs feeding . Can I clone myself? I put R down, go in and throw some things into the halogen oven – its my saviour today !   Then take R up to her room to feed and cuddle her . I got to put her down asleep. She at least gave me enough time to cook the meal and give J his before waking again.

Bedtime was a juggle but we got there through bribery and a reward chart for more angry birds lego with J  and have gone full circle and just won another sleep battle like what I started with this morning with little miss grumpy

I haven’t had a chance for a shower, wrap the present for tomorrows birthday party, cleaned up or got the clothes in the wash I was planning on doing today … but the question lingers.. is it time for bed now ?

Yes it is !


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