World Prematurity Day – Mistaken for a Doll

When J came home he was 4lb 6oz, was so tiny but to me he had grown so much.  You half expect some general comments when you have premature baby, especially when you must come across as a OTT basket case of a mum, but two separate occasions J got mistaken for a doll !

My tiny J after coming home from hospital still in micro sized nappies
My tiny J after coming home from hospital still in micro sized nappies

Is that a real baby ?

Yes I did actually get asked this! I know he was tiny but I was asked this while I was in the supermarket doing our food shop. He was all cosy in the pram when two ladies looked at him and asked me if he’s a real baby . I was a bit gobsmacked and just nodded but I did feel like replying with – Oh no, I just like to waste money on an expensive pram system for a doll to push around town, just so I could accessorise my constant look of exhaustion topped off with the haven’t had a chance for a shower today hair.

I did think this was going to be a one off, until we visited ToysRus a week later.

My husband was carrying J up against his chest while we collected a few things we needed for him. I had done the usual me thing and after going through the checkout, had suddenly remembered something I needed so as I packed what we had brought in the car, they went in to get what I had forgotten.

When he came out he was a bit speechless, the lady at the till thought he was carrying a doll around the shop on his chest, until J wriggled a little at the check out.

I get he was so tiny, but it does make me wonder what we both looked like to have people think we would carry around a doll like a baby .




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