Why RaisingMoonbows? – The Reason Behind the Name

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A question I get asked quite often about my blog is why RaisingMoonbows, what’s the reason behind the name. So here is how the name came about, well really how it found me.

The name that found me.

Coming up with the name for your blog can be a hard task. The name I had first launched this blog with just never felt right. After a short while, I started to fall out of love with my little space on the internet. This needed to change, so a re-brand was in order. Now coming up with a name that felt right seemed impossible, everything I came up that I liked seemed someone else beat me to the name.

With the focus of my writing centered around my children and finally being a mum after multiple miscarriages. I wanted something to reflect this. Also reflect the reason I started the blog, paying forward the hope I got from that single post when I was pregnant with J. I wanted to write that one post that kept someone’s hope when everything felt lost.

One night when tucking J into bed and singing him my little lullaby is the moment I found the perfect name or should I say J did. In our bedtime routine, I sung a little lullaby, I made it up one night and he wanted it every night. One of the lines was: Close your eyes and dream of rainbows in the sky. It was at this point J interrupted me and said:

Mummy don’t forget moonbows, they are more rare and special than rainbows. I’m not your little rainbow anymore, I’m your moonbow.

He must have heard about moonbows at school or read it in a book, as I had not heard of them before. I did wonder if he made up moonbows, although was unlikely because with J was very literal with him. Once I had finished our bedtime routine, I googled moonbows. They existed.

So I was Raising Moonbows.

Thinking on what J had said about being my little moonbow, gave me that perfect name, I wasn’t raising rainbows, I was Raising Moonbows.

Nearly two years later, and my topics more varied and including crafts and patterns the name still feels right and homely. So why RaisingMoonbows ? Because a I am raising my own 2 little Moonbows.

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