Quick and Easy Laptop Sleeve Tutorial

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Laptops are so handy but need protecting when being carried around. I needed one for my laptop and J’s Chromebook so I drew up an idea to make a quick and easy laptop sleeve. After making two, I decided to make a tutorial to share with you, it will take about an hour to make and is suitable for a beginner.

My Quick and Easy to Make Laptop Sleeve Tutorial

To make this sleeve for your laptop or Chromebook, firstly measure across the top of the lid to get the width, and then make sure lid is closed and wrap the tape around the folded laptop to get the length.

Laptop sleeve measurements - images of both width and length measurements

The Chromebook used in making this easy laptop sleeve pattern measures 11.5 inches and 16.5 inches. For the outer, lining and padding, add an inch on each dimension. i.e: Width 12.5 inches, Length 17.5 inches

Laptop Sleeve Pattern Materials and Sizes

Laptop Sleeve materials shown
  • Outer Material – Size: Width + 1 inch x Length + 1 inch
  • Lining Material – Size Width + 1 inch x Length + 1 inch
  • Material for trim, flap and pocket
    • Trim – 2 x Width measurement x 1.5 inches and 2 x half the length measurement x 1.5 inches ( i.e The length for the above measurements is 8.75 inches
    • Flap – Width x length
    • Pocket – 8.5 inches x 13 inches
  • Light fleece interfacing for flap width x half length
  • Magnet Clasps or Hook and Loop strips
  • Fabric Foam interfacing – Size of Outer fabric( you can use fleece or other cushioning material)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Sewing Equipment

Step 1 – Create the main laptop sleeve body

Cut out the outer, lining and fabric foam and sandwich the foam between the outer and lining with right side out. Sew together along the edge, all the way around to bond them together. Making the main body of your laptop sleeve.

Laptop Sleeve showing outer, lining and foam sandwich

Take the two width trim pieces, fold the ends into the middle along the length ( See below image) and fold in half again. forming a V shape.

How to make the trim for the laptop sleeve steps

Place the v along the width of your laptop sleeve raw edge, making sure each the raw edge is between the trim sides and sew in place. Repeat on the other side.
This will leave only the length with raw edges .

Attaching the trim to the main laptop sleeve body

Step 2 – Create the Flap

  • Take the material for the flap and fold it in half, right side together.
  • Make a line 1 inch above the fold to mark where to put the clasps, I have used the square magnetic clasps and placed these 3 inches from the middle on each side
  • Place top side of fastenings in place
  • Mark an inch from the top, on each side and fold the ends over to meet that line, making it half inch hem ( See photo below)
  • Place the interfacing on the side with fastenings
  • Sew along each side, leaving just under 1/4 inch gap at the top on each side ( just to catch the folded edge. Leaving the top both to turn the right side out and attaching to the main body.
Steps for making the laptop sleeve flap
  • Once folded right side out, fold the main laptop body over in half with the outer showing to work out which side you want as the front and back.
  • Place the trimmed edge between the open ends of the flap making sure when the flap folds over the clasp is on the inside
  • Sew along the edge attaching the flap to body.
  • Finally, sew along the outside of the flap to provide the edge with some structure

Step 3 – Creating the pocket and fastening

  • Take the pocket fabric piece, folding it in half right side together.
  • Fold the main body in half, and place the pocket fabric with fold to the top, 1 inch from the top of the laptop case and mark where the other side of the fasteners need to be placed.
  • If using the same fastenings as I am, place and sew in place with the magnets facing outwards.
  • On the open side of the pocket, like with the flap create a hem, this time 1/4 inch.
  • Sew along the sides, leaving the hemmed top open for turning the fabric- Sew to the top no need for a gap this time
  • Turn the pocket in the right side out, and attach the pocket to the laptop sleeve 1 inch from the top so the fasteners meet with the flap.
  • If you want a pen holder, Measure 1 inch from the seam and sew a straight line from top to bottom, creating a small v stitch at the top to give the top some strength.
Attaching the pocket to the laptop sleeve

Step 4 – Joining the laptop sleeve together and finishing off.

  • Fold the laptop sleeve together with the outer showing and sew along each side
  • take the final 2 pieces of trim and repeat the steps above creating the trim.
  • Before attaching, turn the V inside out so the folded edges are on the outside
  • Sew along each end and fold back to create the V, the raw edges of the trim are now hidden.
  • Place over the raw side edge and sew in place – I used a ladder stitch to attach but this can be machine stitched just like the width pieces. Repeat for other side.

It is now complete, place your laptop inside and close the flap.

Finished Laptop Sleeve image

Hope you enjoy making this, please let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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Disclaimer :*** This pattern is an original by me, Faith Stephenson. You are welcome to use this pattern but please do not claim this pattern as your own.
If you wish to share this pattern, you can link this pattern but please do not reprint it to your site.
You may keep a copy of this pattern for personal use but you may not sell this pattern. ***

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