Playing Construction – CAT Mini Machines Playset Review

CAT Mini Machines Playset FI

When you become a parent, it seems you are always replacing batteries in toys. Although the times my kids play together the best is with things like cars, building bricks and toys that spark imaginary play.  When we were sent the CAT Mini Machines Playset, both J and Ro were itching to play with it.

CAT Mini Machines Playset Review

CAT Mini Machines PlaySet Review

Included in this set was:

  • A Crane, with hook and flat bed
  • Rock bin
  • At Work signs
  • Barriers that connect to each other
  • A Front loader vechile
  • Tipper Truck
  • Load sorter

CAT Mini Machines PlaySet Review - unboxed


Ro loves anything with wheels, and often gets hold of her brothers cars. So when we opened the packaging, she was first to grab the machines and push them around the floor. She did keep trying to knock down the crane once it was constructed with the machines though! The Crane was easy to put together (and re-make) with J able to do it himself which is always a bonus for me.


CAT Mini Machines PlaySet Review 1


Watching them play together, creating a whole scene full of imagination always brings a smile to my face as we had struggled for so long with J and imaginative play. They played for ages moving around pretend dirt and stones, setting up the barriers.  Ro deciding that the boom arm was a track for the front loader.  J then asked for the Sands Alive tub to add to the fun of the play.


CAT Mini Machines PlaySet Review 2


I loved the fact it is both an indoors and outdoors toy, that both can enjoy even using it with small stones outside.  J has even mentioned ways to use the crane to move his Lego bricks around when he is building.

This set really brought hours of fun for both the kids, and also allowed me to have a quiet cuppa which doesn’t happen often at home !  The Crane comes apart for easy storage, combining this set with our other CAT vehicles has made for some lovely play times. (And not noisy ones either ! )


I was sent the CAT Mini Machines Playset in return for my honest review, and as always all opinions are my own.



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