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Penning Emotions – Disillusioned after Loss

I was sifting through some old files, doing a bit of a digital spring clean and came across a few pieces I had written years ago, before I claimed this little space of the internet. I had posted it to a little personal blogger account I had. Writing has always been the way I could express my emotions and after miscarriage, pregnancies are filled with so much anxiety.

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BlogOnToys - FI

BlogOnToys – A Perfect Recipe for Bloggers

Since I attended my first BlogOn Conference in September last year, I have looked forward to the next one as soon as it ends. After this weekend I can’t wait until May.  I left Manchester last night feeling motivated, empowered and ready to write. The team at BlogOnUK have a fantastic way of getting the balance just right for everyone regardless of experience. The recipe is perfect.

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Easy Card Holder Sewing Pattern

Easy Card Holder Sewing Pattern

With most sewing projects, you end up with some left over fabric, and finding something useful to make with these scraps can sometimes take a bit of imagination. I wanted something to be able to hold a couple of cards but was small enough to attach to my keys or slip into a pocket so I didn’t have to take my purse or bag around with me.  Here is my easy card holder sewing pattern. 

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Dare2Air Huddersfield- FI

Dare2Air Huddersfield – Family Activities in West Yorkshire

Everyone loves a bouncy castle, kids and adults alike. So when I heard about Dare2Air Huddersfield, a huge indoor zoned inflatable theme park at Huddersfield Leisure Centre, I had to take J there to try it out.  With Slides, obstacle courses, wipeout zone and even a toddler area, I booked some tickets and arranged a playdate.

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Rebooting my weight loss journey - FI

Rebooting My Weight Loss Journey

Last year I started on a healthy eating and weight Loss journey and did pretty well, losing just over 2.5 stone. I didn’t want something that was just a fad diet but one that would change the way I viewed food. Joining Slimming World did just that, although earlier this year I lost my way and gained most of the weight back through no meal planning and stress comfort eating. Now it’s time I get back on track. My motivation is the same, with an additional factor, my stepson is getting married in November.

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A Farewell From the Other Side of the World - FI

A Farewell From the Other Side of the World

Recently I have found it hard to write, my mind not quite in the right head space to put pen to paper so to speak.  On the 16th, a day we normally mark with some family fun I woke to find a message that had been left telling me my Grandmother had passed away.

Since then I have not quite felt myself, a mixture of guilt, hurt and the loss of a big influence in my life. Being half way around the world, I haven’t had a chance to say goodbye so wanted to share my memories of such an inspirational woman. Continue reading “A Farewell From the Other Side of the World”

So Slime DIY Slime Factory Review - Feature Image

So Slime DIY Slime Factory Review

Slime seems to be a bit of a hot topic across the playground at the moment. J has been nagging me for a while to make some slime. I  looked up making the slime but one thing that put me off was the risk of getting the mixture wrong and it not being safe to play with.  So when I was offered the opportunity to review the So Slime DIY Slime Factory with the promise of mess free, measured  2 step slime making, I knew J would be excited to finally be making slime.

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