Organised Chaos has Resumed

Normality is finally being restored to it’s normal level of chaos. These past few weeks have been so crazy and stressful, but in a space of a few days, I found out if I still had a role at work, J had his pediatric appointment for his heart palpitations and Ro had her development assessment. Then to add to the mix weekends where Mr was away for part or all of it has made for interesting times.

The added stress you feel as a parent when something is just not right with your children is unbelievable, even my skin has broken out in protest with big blotches of redness.

We are now waiting for an event heart monitor for J, so they can see what his heart is doing when he has an episode. I have changed to giving J anything he wants to eat regardless of timing to help his weight – but probably setting myself up for a massive parenting fail with eating later on again.  In the back of my mind I just want to know everything is ok.

Ro’s development assessment went ok, with the already known issues being the only thing of concern.  We are still waiting on physio appointment for her ( health visitor is chasing again ). Her joint instability which unfortunately it seems she’s inherited from me, is cause for concern, but once physio starts hopefully that will help.

Finding out I still have a role means we can now look forward, plan childcare needs, birthday parties and just general life. I think for the other half, he is happy cause he might be able to finally get a new phone ( we had to put it on hold twice )

At leasts I have made both kids a toy each, making them seemed to help with my stress levels


Now my body just needs to unwind and these stress signs to disappear   these red blotches need to go now ! please.

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