Let’s talk about Poo #PissOffPhyllis

Lets Talk about poo

We don’t tend to like talking or thinking about poo or our bowels. With bowel cancer being the 4th most common cancer and around 50% of these cases being diagnosed in late stages, we need to lose the embarrassment around poo. We now have a poo emoji , moan about people not picking up their dog’s poo, but still find it hard to talk about our own poo. Putting off going to see a doctor if something doesn’t seem right.

My Cancer Scare

In October last year, I had a bowel cancer scare. I didn’t write about it and actually struggled to write anything because I felt gagged by my own emotions and thoughts. I have written about my bowels before, but that was when I was a baby so in my mind it was different. I don’t know why I couldn’t write about it, it could have been emotions, or maybe embarrassment of the subject. I am only writing about it now because of the inspirational woman Emma from Island Living 365 who has been diagnosed with bowel cancer and trying to raise awareness.

While at work I noticed blood, blood where there shouldn’t be. As I have had multiple operations on my bowel in the past, I rang my GP straight away. After speaking to GP they thought it was highly unlikely caused by the surgery. My mind then moved to possibility of cancer. By the end of that day I had a consultant appointment at the hospital.

Things moved fast, just after my birthday I was in having my colonoscopy. The worst part about that procedure was the moviprep I had to take before hand. It stank and I ended up bringing some of it back up all over the bed! Getting the smell of it to leave my room felt like mission impossible. My procedure then nearly got cancelled due to them struggling to canulate me.( I get turned away from blood rooms some times. Pregnancy was a nightmare with the bloods needed.)

Luckily the amount of moviprep I threw up didn’t impact what it needed to do. They were able to get clear pictures and they got excited that my bowel was atypical and didn’t follow the normal shape thanks to the Gastroschisis. So after tests and the colonoscopy thankfully cancer was ruled out. I only acted because of my previous surgery, I would like to think I would have rang if that wasn’t the case but I’m not sure.

Talk to your GP if you notice a change.

If you notice blood, a persistent change to your bowel habits or you have pain or bloating associated with eating. please speak to your doctor, don’t let embarrassment stop you talking about poo.

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Poo #PissOffPhyllis

  1. It must have been a terrifying experience for you – but so glad it was no more than a scare. I think it’s so easy to assume that it won’t happen to you and to write off symptoms as “it’s probably just nothing”. By the time people realise something is wrong, it’s too late.

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