Introducing #WeightWINSday

Introducing #WeightWINSday FI

Celebrating the Wins and sharing the Woes of Weightloss with #WeightWINSday

I am really excited to be working with Kayleigh from Candyfloss and Dreams  on our new regular feature. We’re both losing weight with Slimming World and we wanted to share our ups and downs on a weekly basis with our readers. You can expect help with meal plans, shopping lists, craving tips and most importantly a full Slimmers guide to Christmas. Each week we will be sharing our meals with you with photos so you can see our full plates and, hopefully, see those scales going down too. Slimming World isn’t for everyone, and we are welcome to each and every diet, whatever works best for you! The important thing is keeping each other on track and sharing the good weeks alongside the bad.

I started going to Slimming World in August. Never having been sold on diets and very skeptical of all of these programmes, I was willing to go see what it’s all about.  Walking in the door weighing 16st 13lb  and  after hearing everything, thought it was worth a go. 8 weigh in’s later, I am currently weighing 15st 5.5lbs.

I’ve actually found I am eating more since starting than before, and it wasn’t anything like my preconceived ideas on how they work. I have also found out since starting that I seem to have an intolerance to something in bread – suspecting yeast.  I ‘m doing this for me, and my kids.  I want to feel ok about being in front of a camera, showing that I am actually in some of the memories we captured, instead of being absent because I’m the one taking them. Kayleigh has done SlimmingWorld a number of times and has seen it work, just need to keep on with the planning and shopping lists. So not only are we going to be giving you an insight in our journey we can help keep each other on track.

Join In with #WeightWINSday

We would love to see photos of your success and slimming meals! Please use the #WeightWINSday to get involved across social media and provide us with that much needed thinspiration. We will be sharing our own meals and posts with the hashtag so you can always find us. In the future, I hope we can create a lovely community to provide us all with a safe place for weight loss, the ups and downs and loads of recipe and meal inspiration.

Introducing #WeightWINSday

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