Dare2Air Huddersfield – Family Activities in West Yorkshire

Dare2Air Huddersfield- FI

Everyone loves a bouncy castle, kids and adults alike. So when I heard about Dare2Air Huddersfield, a huge indoor zoned inflatable theme park at Huddersfield Leisure Centre, I had to take J there to try it out.  With Slides, obstacle courses, wipeout zone and even a toddler area, I booked some tickets and arranged a playdate.

Dare2Air Huddersfield – Family Activities in West Yorkshire

This summer Huddersfield Leisure Centre introduced Dare2Air to the activites that they offer. I heard about Dare2Air when discussing ideas where to meet a friend for a playdate. They have a range of times during the day with booking limit. We decided on the the 8 and under session at 10:45 which has a limit of 75 people.  There is also a range of times for all ages, and late afternoon times for 14 years and older.

For two adults and the two boys we got a group ticket for £19.50*. Ro being under 3 was free.  I had booked for Ro to come too, but on the day she was flagging a little so she stayed home with Dave. ( Although there is talk of going again for her to have a bounce as well). Indivual tickets ate £7.50*.

Along the corridor where you queue, there are lockers to store your items, as they ask you not to wear jewellery or have any loose items – you are bouncing afterall!  On the screens along the wall  they play a saftey instruction video, then staff come and measure the kids and mark the wristbands for the wipe out zone, which you need to be over 1.2 metres tall. J wasn’t quite tall enough for that.

Now for the bounce.

Dare2Air has been set up in one of the indoor courts and it took up pretty much all of it and a  few tables and chairs arranged at the front. The first impression was just how huge it was. The boys were so excited and rushed off to jump on.

Staff  are dotted around the zones supporting and interacting with the kids. I have to say the staff did a really good job when we visited and really interacted with the boys in the ball area, they kept going back.

It has a wide corridor down the middle, which linked all the zones. The first one the boys went to was the ball area. They threw balls around and tried to get them in the hoops. Across from the ball area was a slide and a drop zone, where you can jump off the side onto a target.

There was also some obstacle courses on both sides of the corridor which J roped me into giving a go. Though me staying on my feet all the way around was a bit of an obstacle in itself.  Lets just say I’m glad the big inflatable pillars dividing the  zones were there!

J was so pleased with himself when he went cross the balance beam. We didn’t try out the toddler zone though it looked like Ro would have really had fun in there ( will update if we can go back again). One thing I noticed and liked about the toddler area was it was right at the front with the tables and chairs lined up out the front of the big mesh windows. Opposite the toddler area was the wipe out zone. Although J wasn’t able to go on that, his friend was and really enjoyed it.

Time to leave.

The sessions last an hour and although that seems like a short amount of time, the boys were exhaused. You could see this was a general theme across the kids leaving.  I was exhaused just following the boys around and trying to keep on my feet. Definately gave me a good workout. 

As soon as we were leaving we took a look in the window of the splashpark they also have a Huddersfield Leisure Centre and we decided to visit that the following day ( Will do a review on that shortly). In the car on the way to get a bite to eat, J was asking if we can go back again soon as he had so much fun. So it definately got his seal of approval

Dare2Air Huddersfield is a fun activity for the whole family, so let the kids burn off some energy and get a bit of a work out yourself.

note: * prices are accurate at time of writing this article.

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