Change is as Good as a Holiday? – I’m having both.

They say a change is as good as a holiday, and as it has seemed to have worked out, I get to have both. 

There is always that extra spring in your step when it’s the last day of work before a couple of weeks annual leave. That down time you really need, and today for me is that day. We have plans to go to the seaside, camping and just have general fun together. Most importantly making memories. So is as they say, a change is as good as a holiday ?

I’m not going to find out because luckily I’m having both.

Just over a month ago, something exciting happened. I had been applying for some new roles at work. To help with my career development and make things a little more comfortable for my family. I made it to the interview stage a couple of times. An hour before I was due to go help out at J’s school summer fayre, I was offered one of the roles I had been interviewed for, which I happily accepted.

We all know the economy is a bit crap, and potentially as a direct result, the last 12 months have thrown so much at us. From the inevitable restructures  happening while I was maternity leave twice over, to squeezing of our family budget. We are lucky that we’re able to just make ends meet, based primarily on my single income.  Having come out of the restructures with a role both times was a relief. This new opportunity will definitely help financially and quite possibly mentally as well. Both J and Ro really benefit by having Dave around in the day, while I work. It really helps the budget too!

The job means big change for me. Moving out of a division I have been in for the last 13 years into a new one. Leaving the comfort of working in IT, and having to build new working relationships in the new area. It is going to be a challenge but also a great career opportunity.  Although I must make sure my work/life balance is also managed well, so my kids get the best of me too. I am really looking forward to what August will bring.

So when I finally shut down my works laptop today, not only am I finishing for some time off with my family, I’m finishing my current job. Stepping into the chance of making some wonderful memories with my kids, and finishing that off with a new and exciting role to go into.

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