Adventure World for a play date.

Today, Norman and I went to Adventure World for a play date.

Daddy, me, my friend Norman and my baby sister , walked to Adventure World. Mummy didn’t come because she was working, and that is boring.

I took my shoes off and took Norman to play. I showed him around and took him on the bouncy castle. We bounced lots then we went on the trampoline. Norman liked the trampoline best.

I took Norman to the slide and it was fun.He went down first, swoooosh then he landed on his belly.  I slid down after him, swoooosh.  It was fun!

We both played on everything, and played with my little sister. Then I had little cookies with Daddy.

Adventure world for a play date

Daddy told us we had 5 more minutes then we had to go to Aldi. I put my shoes back on and checked that Norman was ready to go. I had lots of fun on our play date.

We walked to Aldi and I got to show Norman everything in there. Daddy paid for the shopping and we came home.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our adventure today.


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