A Weekend of Sunshine and a New Camera

A weekend of Sunshine and anew camera - FI

Ever have those times when you walk into a shop to get something, and walk out with something completely unexpected? Well this is what I did on Friday. I went out to purchase my mother in-law a Chromebook and left with a new camera. So with a weekend of sunshine and a new camera, my weekend plans went out the window. Replacing room sorting and tips runs with a shopping trip to the Piece Hall.

A Weekend of Sunshine and a New Camera.

A Weekend of Sunshine and a New Camera - Sony A5000

I love a good new gadget, so when I left the store on Friday night with a fancy camera, of course I wanted to test it out. Now being novice when it comes to photography, point and shoot is my only known technique when capturing images. Having a camera with a ton of options and features, I was excited and wanted to see what sort of images I could capture. The weather seemed to be on my side, with sunshine all weekend, albeit it very chilly, it was perfect for testing the camera out.

Out and About in Town

Off to town we went shopping Saturday morning, armed with the camera. J normally wants to stay home and not go out shopping but the prospect of getting to play with a telescope designed for tablets and smartphones, he was actually excited to go out.  No pre-shopping arguments at all! We decided to have a look around the shops in the Piece Hall which has recently been re-opened after a regeneration project. Perfect for me to test out my camera and J to use his telescope. After some initial photos and J looking at the detail of some of the buildings, we went looking around the shops.

A Weekend of Sunshine and a New Camera - Piece hall

While at the Piece Hall, we were there at 11am, so we stood in the sunshine silent with all the people shopping. I was impressed J stood quietly and still – he is never still!

A Weekend of Sunshine and a New Camera - J

I found an awesome little shop, the Yorkshire Soap Company. It had an amazing display of soaps which I felt would be perfect to capture. So I took some pictures and got a few Christmas presents before going and doing our general shopping. Once we got home I reviewed the images and was really impressed how they turned out.

A Weekend of Sunshine and a New Camera - Yorkshire Soap Company Display

A Weekend of Sunshine and a New Camera - Yorkshire Soap Company Apple Blossom

J really enjoyed looking in greater detail at some of the buildings with his tablet, so much so I am going to tell you about it in the week.

Remembrance Sunday

On Sunday, Dave was out with the cadets in the Remembrance Sunday parade so the the kids and I stayed home. With Ro just getting over her chest infection and it was really bitter outside it was better we stay indoors. Working full time, I always try and have some play time with the kids on the weekend. We played for a while before Ro was due a nap. While she was in bed, I got some time with J and was able to finish off a revamp of the Raising Moonbows logo.

So my weekend was not as I had planned, but I captured some beautiful photos and had some fun family time. Although the Sony A5000 was a spur of the moment purchase it changed my weekend and I’m glad. 

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