5 Tips When Visiting Alton Towers and the Weather isn’t on Your Side

5 tips When Visiting Alton Towers FI

On the weekend we went to Alton Towers, a trip we had planned back in February. As the weekend approached the constant weather watching started. It wasn’t looking good, with rain showers all day and a feels like temperature of around 5 degrees. A cold and wet 2 and 7 year old didn’t fit in our planning equation. Up until the day before our trip we were still deciding if to go or not, thanks to our annual passes we had this option to postpone. After some last-minute organising we decided we would still go.

 5 Tips When Visiting Alton Towers and the Weather isn’t on Your Side.

1. Pack the kids a set of all in one waterproofs

They are lightweight and fold down small. You can get them for most young children, a quick search brought up some for a 10 year old.

 5 tips When Visiting Alton Towers puddlesuit

2. Warm, comfortable shoes and gloves

Comfortable shoes are a must in any weather, but nothing spoils a day like cold or wet feet. So comfortable, warm shoes that are either water-resistant or waterproof will make for an enjoyable time. I packed wellies and extra socks for the kids just in case, but didn’t need them. A pair of gloves can pack away in those little gaps in your bags, for you and the kids. Having a touch screen sensitive pair also means warm hands while capturing those moments.

3. Refillable Coffee Cup

In the park you can get an all day refillable coffee cup, it costs £5* and you can get this refilled across the park for £1* . If it’s cold and you have a few hot drinks, it works out cheaper than buying the hot drinks as and when. If you go with the refillable, you get a bonus of having an Alton Towers travel mug to take home. They took it away to wash it when I was getting a refil so you could get one mug and share it.

 5 tips When Visiting Alton Towers cup

4. Toilets and changing areas in CbeebiesLand are heated.

I always worry when having to change Ro and it’s cold weather. A lot of changing rooms seem to be quite cold. I was pleasantly surprised in the toilets  and changing areas in CbeebiesLand as they were heated and warm. I didn’t go to the facilities in other areas of the park so not sure if isolated just to CbeebiesLand.

5 tips When Visiting Alton Towers Cbeebies

5. Plenty of Indoor attractions for everyone.

When the rain hits, there is a few indoor attractions in CbeebiesLand as well as Cloud Cuckoo Land and, SeaLife and Hex. Ro loved SeaLife Sharkbait Reef and all the fish.

5 tips When Visiting Alton Towers sealife

Although it wasn’t the best weather, it was still a brilliant family day out. Dave got to have a ride before his wrist surgery in a few weeks and J got to visit CbeebiesLand after wanting to go for the past few weeks. We have now booked a trip to stay at the resort in the summer for a night.

So if you are planning a trip and the weather isn’t looking as pleasant, you can still have a great time. Alton Towers also has a guarantee, that if you have brought your tickets online and it rains continuously for more than 1 hour, you can get a repeat visit for free on selected dates.