5 Reasons Why That Occasional Treat is OK – #weightWINSday

When on any weight loss journey or healthy eating change, it’s about keeping that change in mindset when life happens. I had a few meals that were not to plan, it was Dave’s birthday so we ended up having Chinese takeaway and birthday cake. So this #weightWINSday is 5 reasons why that occasional treat is OK

5 reasons why that occasional treat is OK.

1. Denying yourself those treats isn’t always the best thing.

If you stop yourself having that occasional treat and stay 100% to plan, yes you are being focused short term but is it a sustainable change? If you keep denying yourself any treat you are more likely to abandon your weight loss journey or yo-yo.

2. Being conscious of upcoming events 

So you want to go out on Friday or have an special event, plan for or be conscious of it. When I went to BlogOn, I knew there would be a lot of food I really shouldn’t eat. I was conscious of this and leading up and following it I planned out my meals so I could just enjoy myself.

3. Don’t think of all treats as bad.

Yes having that slice of cake or takeaway isn’t in keeping with your journey but is it really *bad*. The word bad is such a strong word and will give a negative connotation to those treats and can affect your motivation.

4. Keep on track.

So you have an moment where you really crave something then eat it. That’s ok, its more what you do afterwards. If that happens don’t write off the day, adjust and move forward. Don’t fall into turning it into a blow out day. You had something you know wasn’t really to your plan. That’s fine just get back your focus afterwards and don’t beat yourself up or think I’ll start again tomorrow.

5. We are a social bunch.

So you have a friends meal out, or a festive works do. Not all places serve the healthiest menu. If it comes down to going out or giving it a miss to stay on plan. In my mind as long, if it’s that occasional thing, go. Be conscious of your choices and get a menu before hand but don’t miss out on having a social time. We are after all a social bunch.

Going into weigh day yesturday I was expecting to see a small gain, although I had been keeping on track mostly, we had 2 birthdays in a week. Although I am very committed to loosing weight, I was OK with that.  Over 9 weigh ins I had seen consistent weight loss so if I put on a little weight this week, as long as I didn’t loose focus, I wouldn’t be upset with myself.

When I stepped on the scales I still had a loss of 1 and a 1/2 pounds. Yes I may have had a bigger loss but I got to enjoy a special meal with my husband and a little bit of cake.  I’m still on track for my weightloss goal of  reaching 2 stone overall loss before Christmas. With now 5 lb left to reach it.

So don’t loose focus, having that occasional treat may not give you a loss that week but may mean you stick to your journey long term.

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