3 Quick Snack Ideas – When Only Chocolate Will Do #WeightWINSday

Sleep deprivation doesn’t go hand in hand with healthy eating. Your exhausted and want something sweet and comforting. There is times all you want to do is grab something quick and chocolately.  Last weekend I got very little sleep due to a poorly little Ro. I wanted something sweet but didn’t have the energy or much prep time. So for this weeks #WeightWINSday, here is 3 quick snack ideas when only chocolate will do.

3 Quick snack ideas when only chocolate will do.


1. Low Syn Ferrero Rochers

3 snack ideas - Ferrari RocherWith just Nutella and Ryvita Biscuits, these little bites are so chocolatey, and for those following Slimming World they are 1 syn each. The recipe makes 10. You only need Nutella and 5 Ryvita Crispbreads

It takes very little time to prepare. The recipe can be found here


2. Strawberries and Cream with Chocolate.

3 quick snack ideas.- Strawberries, cream and chocolate1 square of chocolate goes a long way grated. Cut up some strawberries, add a little light whipped cream and grate a single square of chocolate. It gives you some healthy fruit and a chocolately hit. When I tried this I was amazed how much chocolatey flavour comes through.


3. Chocolate Cheesecake.

Vanilla Quark, light cream cheese and Caburys highlights make a lovely chocolately cheesecake filling.


100grams of Vanilla Quark

30g Low Fat Cream Cheese

1 Sachet of Caburys highlights Chocolate

Sweetener to taste.

Mix all together until smooth and thick and add the sweetener to taste.



Cumble a Oat Biscuit or  you can use one portion of the above Low Syn Ferrero Rocher recipe above but don’t crumbled ryvita as fine.  I really preferred using this for a extra chocolately taste.

Put the base in a ramekin or a small bowl and put Filling on top.

Put in fridge to chill and enjoy.


So next time you feel like a chocolately treat it doesn’t mean ditching your weight loss plans. 

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