How to Make Easy Jumping Clay Tree Decorations. FI

How to Make Easy Jumping Clay Tree Decorations.

Our tree is up and it’s time to crack on with the Christmas decorations. This morning we made some tree decorations out of Jumping Clay. With a 20 month old, the tree is an attractive *toy* so I wanted some decorations that wouldn’t be damaged if she pulled them off and played with them. So with some Jumping Clay, phone charm attachments and cookie cutters the kids and I made some tree decorations. Here is how you could make them too.

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Christmas Gift Guide to Keep Their Creativity Sparked Post Christmas.

It is almost December, and those first doors of the advent calendar will be opened and the festive build up will kick up a notch. ( if that is even possible! ). I love the magic of Christmas but after the 25th, the excitement comes to an end. So I have put together my Christmas gift guide to keep their creativity sparked post Christmas, and maybe even help you keep your sanity in the remainder of the school holidays.

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A weekend of Sunshine and anew camera - FI

A Weekend of Sunshine and a New Camera

Ever have those times when you walk into a shop to get something, and walk out with something completely unexpected? Well this is what I did on Friday. I went out to purchase my mother in-law a Chromebook and left with a new camera. So with a weekend of sunshine and a new camera, my weekend plans went out the window. Replacing room sorting and tips runs with a shopping trip to the Piece Hall. Continue reading “A Weekend of Sunshine and a New Camera”

3 Quick Snack Ideas – When Only Chocolate Will Do #WeightWINSday

Sleep deprivation doesn’t go hand in hand with healthy eating. Your exhausted and want something sweet and comforting. There is times all you want to do is grab something quick and chocolately.  Last weekend I got very little sleep due to a poorly little Ro. I wanted something sweet but didn’t have the energy or much prep time. So for this weeks #WeightWINSday, here is 3 quick snack ideas when only chocolate will do. Continue reading “3 Quick Snack Ideas – When Only Chocolate Will Do #WeightWINSday”

driving a firefly - fi

Driving a Firefly – 6 Years Old and Learning to Drive

On the weekend, we had the opportunity to let J get behind the wheel of a firefly at YoungDriver. When I heard what Young Driver offer, it brought back memories of my childhood. After telling him he would be driving a firefly, he had been counting down the days. He woke up on Sunday morning bouncing around with excitement, I have never seen him so willing to go get dressed and ready to go out.  Once we set off he was constantly chattering and asking the dreaded – are we there yet, all the way down to the Etihad grounds in Manchester.

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5 Reasons Why That Occasional Treat is OK – #weightWINSday

When on any weight loss journey or healthy eating change, it’s about keeping that change in mindset when life happens. I had a few meals that were not to plan, it was Dave’s birthday so we ended up having Chinese takeaway and birthday cake. So this #weightWINSday is 5 reasons why that occasional treat is OK

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Introducing #WeightWINSday FI

Introducing #WeightWINSday

Celebrating the Wins and sharing the Woes of Weightloss with #WeightWINSday


I am really excited to be working with Kayleigh from Candyfloss and Dreams  on our new regular feature. We’re both losing weight with Slimming World and we wanted to share our ups and downs on a weekly basis with our readers. You can expect help with meal plans, shopping lists, craving tips and most importantly a full Slimmers guide to Christmas. Continue reading “Introducing #WeightWINSday”

Farmer Copleys Pumpkin Festival - FI

Farmer Copleys Pumpkin Festival – Autumn Days Out

Last year I heard about Farmer Copleys for pumpkin picking, albeit two days before Halloween. We had fun and got some pumpkins ready for carving but the choice was limited. So this year I wanted to go earlier to see the pumpkin choice and all that Farmer Copleys Pumpkin Festival had to offer. Continue reading “Farmer Copleys Pumpkin Festival – Autumn Days Out”

Time Heals but You Never Forget- fi

Time Heals but You Never Forget.

Today when I was at work, I noticed half way through the day my hand was bare. My wedding ring was no longer on my finger. I panicked. Luckily, when I rang Dave he found it on the landing. Although at the same time it gave me flash backs to the time I lost so much in one day. It reminded me that time heals but you never forget.

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