Change is as Good as a Holiday? – I’m having both.


They say a change is as good as a holiday, and as it has seemed to have worked out, I get to have both. 

There is always that extra spring in your step when it’s the last day of work before a couple of weeks annual leave. That down time you really need, and today for me is that day. We have plans to go to the seaside, camping and just have general fun together. Most importantly making memories. So is as they say, a change is as good as a holiday ? Continue reading “Change is as Good as a Holiday? – I’m having both.”

Gastroschisis and me

Gastroschisis and Me – 37 Years on

** Warning – This post contains a photograph of gastroschisis that some readers may find graphic **

When I was born 37 years ago, I was born with a birth defect called Gastroschisis. This is a birth defect of the abdominal wall, where the wall does not form completely, so when the intestines move from the umbilical cord to the stomach, the bowel remains outside of the body and is exposed to air when born. The survival rate was not high when I was born and in my case was not detected before birth.  Continue reading “Gastroschisis and Me – 37 Years on”

Organised Chaos has Resumed

Normality is finally being restored to it’s normal level of chaos. These past few weeks have been so crazy and stressful, but in a space of a few days, I found out if I still had a role at work, J had his pediatric appointment for his heart palpitations and Ro had her development assessment. Then to add to the mix weekends where Mr was away for part or all of it has made for interesting times. Continue reading “Organised Chaos has Resumed”

Recycling – Why make it such a chore?

We all know recycling is a good thing to do and I want to show my kids to be responsible. Why do some councils make it such a chore to do it.

Many areas have different coloured wheelie bins so you can put the rubbish to be recycled outside and on collection day, just put bin out and job done. That’s too straightforward and logical for our area. We have a plastic tub, a plastic bag, a sack, and food caddy. Any other items suitable for recycling that doesn’t go in those are to be put out for recycling in carrier bags (!?). Continue reading “Recycling – Why make it such a chore?”