Beginner’s Sewing Basket – A guide to get you started

Recently a couple of friends that have wanted to take up sewing, have been looking for advice on what they need to start. From what machine they should get to what items they need to start. This then inspired this guide – Beginner’s Sewing Basket – a guide to get you started.


Here is a basic supplies guide to get you creating

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CraftyParents Series Sara Balls

CraftyParents Series – Sara Balls

This is the second edition in the Craftyparents Series, which will be moving to a fortnightly series on Mondays.

Working on this series, its been lovely to get to see  where people get their inspiration and what has been made, from toilet rolls with eyes and hair to enhance a story being told to big makes like an activity board.

For this Monday’s installment, I got to interview Sara Balls from Ballsy Mama, from making collages to her husband making an awesome Activity board for their son Arthur. Continue reading “CraftyParents Series – Sara Balls”

A box full of yarn, set of hooks and an explosion of creativity for Autumn

Just before I was due to be induced with R, SPD was rendering me even more immobile than I am normally, so to save my sanity I decided to try something new. Now I love to sew and to make things but thanks to the inspiration of a friend in the birth group on Facebook , I decided to try my hand at crocheting. Continue reading “A box full of yarn, set of hooks and an explosion of creativity for Autumn”