Change is as Good as a Holiday? – I’m having both.


They say a change is as good as a holiday, and as it has seemed to have worked out, I get to have both. 

There is always that extra spring in your step when it’s the last day of work before a couple of weeks annual leave. That down time you really need, and today for me is that day. We have plans to go to the seaside, camping and just have general fun together. Most importantly making memories. So is as they say, a change is as good as a holiday ? Continue reading “Change is as Good as a Holiday? – I’m having both.”

Becoming a Mum – Hopes, Dreams and Heartbreak

For as long as I can remember the one thing I always wanted was to be a mum. Although becoming a mum was not as easy ride.

When I was in my first year of high school, I can still remember an English assignment I had to do. The assignment was to write a letter 10 years in the future, telling the 12 year old me what I was doing.  I can remember vividly what I wrote down.  The letter stated I was in my own place, in a relationship and had 2 children. I was only 14 years out ! Continue reading “Becoming a Mum – Hopes, Dreams and Heartbreak”

Norman's Adventures with J - Feature

Norman’s Adventures with J

As the summer holidays are upon us, I would like to introduce a new blogging pair. J and his little buddy Norman. Norman’s adventures with J.

Over the past year, J’s creative writing has improved so much, and I was trying to work out ways to help continue this over the summer break. Then he mentioned that he wanted to blog with me, (he likes doing the same thing as mummy) and the idea came to me. J and I would create a little adventure buddy together, and then he could write about their adventures.

Continue reading “Norman’s Adventures with J”

Making a Butterfly Doll

Sewing basket, Yarn and Clothes – Making a Butterfly Doll

A little over a month ago, I set myself a challenge. I wanted to make the butterfly doll I had crocheted, from fabric. So with a bag full of Ro’s old clothes, my stash of yarn and some bits and pieces in my sewing basket, I set to work. Here is how I went about making a butterfly doll Continue reading “Sewing basket, Yarn and Clothes – Making a Butterfly Doll”

woods canvas and family time

Woods, Canvas and Family Time – From a Tent to a Trailer

With school holidays approaching and time booked off work (yay!), I have started to think of family trips away. Our trips away generally consist of woods, canvas and family time.

There is something about getting away from it all, slowing down the pace and just taking time to enjoy family time with no agendas or plans. Camping is something I have done for many years, and something I want my kids to experience. Continue reading “Woods, Canvas and Family Time – From a Tent to a Trailer”